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Privacy Policy

The "Copy Notes to Google Drive" Chrome Extension requires access to some of the users' Google data ("Data") to perform its main function - facilitating the saving of information to Google Documents while using the Chrome browser.

Web Research Assistant's use of information received from Google APIs adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


How Data is Used:

The extension only accesses data it strictly needs to perform its main function. The data is accessed strictly upon actions of and as directed by the user. In particular, the extension uses the data to allows users to, via its dashboard:

  1. View the folders and documents currently in their Google Drive

  2. Create new folders in their Google Drive

  3. Create new Google Documents in their Google Drive

  4. Select the Google Documents in their Google Drive to which text and images should be saved to

  5. Save text and images to the Google Documents selected

When Data is Requested:

The extension asks for access to the data from the user upon first activation. The data is then accessed whenever the user clicks on the extension's dashboard to view the folders and documents that are stored in their Google Drive and when saving information to a Google Document.  The extension's access to user data may be revoked at any time by navigating to in Chrome.

What Data is Requested:

The extension requests access to the following user data:

  • Google Drive

  • Google Documents

Why Data is Requested:

The extension requests access to the data it strictly needs to perform its main functions - allowing users to:

  • view and create new folders and documents in their Google Drive via the extension dashboard

  • directly save text and images to Google Documents

How Data is Accessed:

Upon user approval, all data is accessed by the extension via Google's APIs which are released directly by Google. See here for Google APIs' Terms of Service.

How Data is Stored:

All requested user data is stored locally, in the local Chrome storage and temporary variables. No data is ever transmitted outside of the local Chrome storage. Vast majority of data is only stored long enough to be displayed in the extension's dashboard. The only data that is stored for longer than needed to display it on the platform is:

  • minor user preferences regarding dashboard appearance

  • the name and identifier of the Google Document to which information should be saved by the extension

Is Data Shared?

No user data is shared by the extension under any circumstances. The extension:

  • does not use or transfer the data for serving ads, retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising

  • does not allow any other humans to read the data it accesses from a user

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